OpsMgr 2012 & 2007 R2 – Detect Noisy Discovery

This is something that has been around for a while and I think a lot of OpsMgr Admins have had posts about this in the past, but I believe that is is always good to keep up good practices.

This last week I have spent a great deal of time performance tuning my SCOM 2012 environment. While doing so I thought it would be nice to clean house as it were. It turns out that you can utilize a lot of the same Queries in 2012 that worked in 2007 R2. Below are some queries for determining noisy Discoveries.

In my particular environment I have several customized Management Packs that I have written. As with most things the best plans can still have unintended affects. As such these queries help find those pesky out of control Discoveries. These will help you pinpoint noisy ones and make necessary Overrides to get them Again.

This Query will tell you the number of changes for a given period.

USE [OperationsManager]

SELECT TOP 10 EntityTypeId, COUNT(*) as “Number of changes”

FROM dbo.EntityChangeLog E

WHERE LastModified < GETUTCDATE()-1

GROUP BY E.EntityTypeId HAVING(COUNT(*)) > 10

Depending on the size of your environment and managment packs installed you shouldn’t see anything hudge. (50,000 is way to many unless you know a good reason for it.)

This Query will translate GUID Discovery ID to plane text Discovery String for easy pickings.

USE [OperationsManager]

SELECT TOP 10 D.DiscoveryName, COUNT(*)as “Number of changes”

FROM dbo.EntityChangeLog E

JOIN dbo.EntityTransactionLog ET

ON E.EntityTransactionLogId = ET.EntityTransactionLogId

JOIN DiscoverySource DS

ON ET.DiscoverySourceId = DS.DiscoverySourceId

JOIN Discovery D

ON DS.DiscoveryRuleId = D.DiscoveryId

WHERE E.EntityTypeId = ‘4190640D-FCCC-2073-3061-1601F2EB9461’

GROUP BY D.DiscoveryName HAVING (COUNT(*))> 10


Its good to run this periodically just to make sure that nothing has gotten out of hand. Its also a good place to start if you are seeing performance issues.

Good Luck and Happy Tuning!


~ by Josh on September 7, 2012.

One Response to “OpsMgr 2012 & 2007 R2 – Detect Noisy Discovery”

  1. Would you mind expanding on what you would typically do if you found noisey discoveries?

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