Timing is everything

Everyone has heard the phrase “Timing is Everything” but we hardly every think about it. For example the difference between winning a million dollars and loosing a buck could be as small as a pico-second. Or the difference between catching every green light or getting every red light.  But what about things we can control? The timing in a dance routine, or catching that ball that saves the game.

Timing can be dumb luck or amazing skill. Timing is something  you can learn and something you practice. You can learn good timing and apply it to other aspects of your life. I believe that those who are successful and have all the things that make you say “I wish that could be me”, are people who have good timing. A little luck never hurt but those people have what they have and are where they are because they learned the value of timing and applied it everywhere possible.

One of the best ways to learn timing is to learn music. Music revolves around timing and illustrates best how poor timing just doesn’t work.  I have a theory that you can jump-start your timing by listening to different kinds of music. I do not believe that this can alert your luck in anyway, but I do think that you can move yourself toward having better timing. This is probably partly subconscious. However if you combine your conscious focus on having the right timing and listen to the right kind of music at the same time, I think you will see a difference.

I’m not saying that you will get all the green lights, or ask for that promotion at the perfect time and get the best possible raise. All I am saying is that in the way you communicate and interact with the world around you will seem to fall into place easier.

This is of course just my theory, and who knows what you might find out testing it.

Listen to the Music and Play on!


~ by Josh on September 18, 2012.

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