Alert History Grooming bug in OpsManager 2012

Thanks to Natascia Heil over at for updating us on the fix for the Alert History Grooming bug that was repeated in System Center Operations Manager 2012.

Below is my personal documentation on applying the change she listed.

  1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Expand Databases > OperationsManager > Programmability > Stored Procedures > dbo.p_AlertGrooming.
  3. Right-click dbo.p_AlertGrooming and select Modify.
  4. Select All > Copy> Paste into Notepad>Save as backup of original script.
  5. Search for the string “groom alert history in batches”.
  6. Comment out the following lines by using “—“ in front of each line. (Double Dashes “-“”-“)
    groom alert history in batchesSET @RowCount = 1
    WHILE (@RowCount > 0)
    DELETE TOP (1000) dbo.AlertHistory
    WHERE TimeAdded < @GroomingThresholdUTC
    SELECT @Err = @@ERROR, @RowCount = @@ROWCOUNT
    IF (@Err <> 0)
    GOTO Error_Exit
  1. Execute Store Procedure.
    1. This saves the stored procedure and runs it.
  2. Review event logs for any alerts.
  3. Review SCOM alerts periodically over the next several days to ensure that script is working appropriately

Again, another big thanks to Natascia.

Good Luck and Happy Monitoring.


~ by Josh on February 28, 2013.

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