SCOM 2012 – Agent Stuck in Pending Managment

Recently in preparation for SCOM 2012 SP1 update I noticed that I several devices that were showing up under “GET-SCOMPendingManagement” but NOT showing up in the Pending Management section of the Console. I am not sure what may have caused this to occur but I suspect that this a carry over from my CU1 failure as these are all “UpdateFailed” AgentPendingActionType’s. (Note: CU1 failure resulting in DB out of sync issue and was resolved given a clean bill of health. CU2 and CU3 were applied with no issues.)

Llike any good SCOM Admin I attempted to use the PowerShell commands [Approve-SCOMPendingManagement, Deny-SCOMPendingManagement] but only got errors that tasks were already waiting. Since all my agents checked out and had the latest versions (CU3) we had to remove it directly through the database.

Microsoft Support provided me with the following command to remove these stuck agents.
Run this as a query against the OperationsManager Database for each agent that is stuck.

exec p_AgentPendingActionDeleteByAgentName ‘’

Once done everything looked clean and clear.

Hope this helps save someone some heartburn. Best of luck!


~ by Josh on March 20, 2013.

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  1. Thanks!

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