Windows Server 2012 No Security Tab in SNMP

I recently started working on some Windows Server 2012 systems and came across some systems that had SNMP installed but the Security, Agent, and Traps tabs were missing. If you haven’t heard yet, Microsoft has deprecated SNMP in Server 2012. ( This does not mean its not available, just that you have to install it as a feature.

NOTE: This is in addition to the SNMP Services feature. If you haven’t already installed the SNMP Services you will also need to install these.

The fix is pretty simple, all you have to do is go to the add roles and features under Server Manager -> Manager -> Add Roles and Features:

  • Installation Type = Role Based or Feature Basked Installation and click Next.
  • Server Select = The local server you are on. (Note: if  you try to do multiples it will fail. See Unattended Install note below.)
  • Server Roles = Skip this part.
  • Feature =Remote Server Administration Tools -> Feature Administration Tools -> SNMP Tools
  • Click Next and Install.
  • Go to Services MMC and Restart the SNMP Service.
  • Close out Services MMC and re-open it. Go to Properties of SNMP and now you will have all the configuration Tabs for SNMP.

Unattended Install: Also if you are trying to do a unattended install and want the SNMP Tools installed, you will have to make the tweaks found here:

Hope this saves you all some time. Good Luck!



~ by Josh on April 2, 2013.

22 Responses to “Windows Server 2012 No Security Tab in SNMP”

  1. I’m missing the security tab, I’ve tried restarting the service, closed and reopened the services console and even restarted the server……still no security tab.

    Any idea what I did wrong?

    • Chris,
      If after adding the appropriate features it still doesn’t show up, you will probably have reboot. If it still doesn’t show up after the reboot, then I would think that one of the required features is still missing. At that point I would reccomend going back to the add roles and features to see if adding more doesn’t do the trick. Best of luck and let me know what you find out.


      • Hi Josh,

        In this case i think you have missed any one feature. Please select the below features and try installing. It will work.

        1.SNMP service
        2. SNMP WMI Provider
        3. Remote Server Administration Tools -> Feature Administration Tools -> SNMP Tools


      • Siva,
        Thanks for alternate steps.

        Much appreciated,
        Josh Ancel

  2. Thank you for the great article Josh.. It is nice to have a clear walkthrough to the solution for once in a web article. You just saved 3-4 guys a couple of hours here, 2012 have been a challenge on everything that used to be simple it seems.

    Best regards,

    • Admin_MC,
      Sorry for the late reply. I missed your comment somehow. I am pleased that I was able to help. I as well have had the same frustrations with 2012. I think this comes with putting a touch screen interface on a server. IE: Metro interface on a server does not make sense.

  3. Thanks dude,

    I thought i was crazy so the first thing i did was run to Google and i found this.

    • Brent,
      You are most welcome. I was super confused when I encountered it too, did my google search and came up with nothing. So I decided to share so that I could save others time and heartburn. Best of Luck!

  4. I’m also missing the security tab so using Server Manager on my laptop to configure SNMP on my servers is only doing half-a-job. It lets me add the feature but the security tab is missing so I have to remote on to the server to finish the configuration off. :(

  5. thank you Siva,

    I was totally confused when i installed this 2012.


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  7. THANKS!!

  8. It worked after a restart for me

  9. So far so good. Thanks, Now, how do you add custom agents?

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  11. Thanks! Great help.

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  14. Thanks it worked

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