ICE – Top 3 “Must Haves” in a Monitoring Software Solution

I have worked with many different monitoring solutions over the course of my career, and have decided to put together a Top 3 “Must Haves” for any Monitoring software. These would be the Top 3 questions I would use in evaluating the software. Why 3 you may ask? Well three points keeps it easy to remember when you are evaluating it. They also fit well in a TLA (Three Letter Acronym) that can make it easier to remember. For the Top 3 I came up with I.C.E.  Below are my Top 3 “Must Haves”.

  1. I is for Intelligence: Is the software intelligent, that is does it help automate your monitoring? Example: Does the solution have a flood gate that closes when a large number of alerts occur.
  2. C is for Customizable‎: Can you customize the solution with relative ease? Example: Can you change the wording of alerts to reflect your organizations terminology? Does it have the ability for you to be able to include “Tribal Knowledge” into the system? Can you customize the Dashboard views to fit you specific needs? Does it allow you customize reports easily?
  3. E is for Extendable: Is the solution an extension of your core operations or is clunky and cumbersome requiring more resources than it benefits. Does the software allow for extensions other core operation solutions. Example: Integrates seamlessly with your ticketing system to help automate Service Delivery so fewer hands have to get involved to resolve an issue.

Over the course of my career I would say that there has been few solutions that hit 100% on all three criteria. One think I take note of is the institutions that utilize those solutions that do, have been top performers in their industries. They also have the smoothest running operations I have worked with.

Best of Luck and Happy Holidays!


~ by Josh on December 3, 2013.

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